Breakfast Pr0n – Huevos Rancheros

DSC_5860 [1600x1200]

Here are a couple of eggs cooked sunny side up amidst chorizo sausage.  I managed to slip the most of it out of the skillet onto a toasted tortilla and garnished the plate with fresh chilies, a scoop of refried beans, cheddar, and a hank of cilantro.  I also have a glob of salsa on there I was trying out – it’s billed as  “Key Lime Salsa” and there was a definite flavor of lime to it.  Pretty good, I like the lime flavored Cholula brand hot sauce too.

Looks like a Lazy Sunday brewing today.  The front across the region brought cool temps and steady rains.  We made a dash through the local farmer’s market yesterday looking for tomatillo sets but found none, aside from a purple variety that I’m sure is tasty but unsuited for a salsa verde.  We didn’t set out with the market in mind so I failed to grab a camera for pictures.  My dumb cell phone has a camera but it’s so lame I refuse to use it.  We had headed to a store near the market that has a pretty good selection of outdoor grills.  More on that tomorrow, weather permitting.


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