DSC_5886 [1600x1200]We had some leftover beef from those lunch time burritos and a couple tortillas left in the package so quesadillas seemed doable.  I was hoping to make a meal of roast pork but it just wasn’t going to be ready in time.  I rigged a smoke box from a heavy foil loaf pan and filled it with wood chips to turn the new grill into a smoker – you cover the pan with more foil and poke a few holes into it, then place it next to or atop one of the burners.  It worked pretty well.

DSC_3706 [1600x1200]The pork shoulder spent all day in there at around 250-275, I changed the wood chips out three times.  I decided to finish it in the regular oven and it’s in there now, covered with foil, looking for 190 degrees.  Pretty happy with the rig as a smoker, knowing I can get more heat just by turning a knob.  It has enough burners to get easily past 500, I haven’t gone past that yet but a pizza project I have in mind will test the limits.  My pizza stone will fit right in there.

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