Breakfast Pr0n – American Fries with Smoked Brisket

DSC_6019 [1600x1200]I am fast becoming a big fan of smoked brisket.  The last few times I’ve gone on to braise the slab until it pulls apart easily with two forks.  The braising liquids, reduced, make excellent sauce that adds a nice flavor layer to the meat that doesn’t cover up the smokiness.  Here the brisket was warmed with minced jalapeno and paired with the fried potatoes under a pair of sunny side up eggs.  The hot sauce is Cholula’s regular style.  It’s not a scorching hot sauce but it is full of flavor. Those potatoes that I cut with the fry cutter and then cooked once at a relatively low oil temperature (325) and then froze make excellent American fries with an additional chop.