Blog needs moar Katie!

20130527_125343 [1600x1200]This gives me a good excuse to mention my new smartphone.  It has a pretty decent camera and all the latest bells and whistles. This photo is from the S4.  I was hoping Verizon would announce they would offer the HTC One last week at their expo but no such luck.  I “settled” for the Galaxy S4 and I am liking it a  lot.  It’s my first smart phone so I can’t really compare it but it has gotten a lot of good press.  Built by Samsung, the same folks who made my TV, so it has some nice features for showing photos on the big TV screen straight out of the camera via Wifi over my home network.  I think the maker of the set isn’t as important as the capabilities of the set itself.  There is an industry standard called DLNA that is in play here and the TV and the S4 are both compliant.

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