Sammich Pr0n – Italian Beef Sliders

DSC_6119 [1600x1200]We were in the local Kroger store yesterday making a quick run for odds and ends and ran across these ciabatta rolls in the deli bakery section.  I was thawing a beef roast for the Italian beef and thought them right for sliders.  They were perfect.  The Italian beef was pretty good, I had started it in the oven but saw it wasn’t going to be done in time so I transferred it into the crock pot to finish and cooked something else for dinner.  The roast had a dozen or more cloves of garlic shoved into slits and was seasoned with salt and pepper.  It did brown well while it was in the oven.  I sliced several Vidalia onions that I needed to use into the pot, added a quart of beef broth, dried basil, oregano, and red pepper flakes.  I let that cook on high for several more hours, taking the meat out when it was falling apart.  I dumped the remaining liquids and onions into a pot and reduced them by two thirds, then added the beef back and broke it down with forks.  That all spent the night in the fridge.  It’s always better the next day.DSC_6117 [1600x1200]