DSC_6136 [1600x1200]You may remember this soup from a few days ago.  I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the mung bean noodles.  I’m all puffed up and itchy with a whole body rash that I’m treating with antihistamines with some success.  At least I’m not scratching myself bloody.  I’ve had a reaction like this before, a couple of years ago.  At the time I blamed it on something in this soup:DSC_0645 [1600x1200]It’s made with assorted sea critters.  The day after I ate this I started noticing bumps and rashes and puffy eyes.  I rode it out with benadryl and haven’t bought any more of the frozen seafood since.  This time around, I suspected the mung beans may have been the culprit because they were the only thing unusual to my regular diet, notwithstanding the lag time between ingestion and peak symptoms.  I wondered if the soup I made with those seafood items used mung bean noodles so I looked through my archives.  Nope – those are ramen noodles and I’ve eaten them before and after without problem.  I did see this from a few days prior:DSC_0183 [1600x1200]There are the mung bean noodles.  The lag time is what threw me off before.  On reflection, I can see that the reaction built over a few days, I noticed some odd bumps on my hands and fingers earlier and though maybe they were from poison ivy or oak because I had pulled some weeds out of the garden.  At least this is something I can avoid without much problem.  I just hope the mung bean hypothesis is correct and it isn’t something else.  I did have a peanut butter and jelly sammich within the same time frame.  Here’s a cute kitteh for you:IMG_2108 [1600x1200]It’s a new arrival at the shelter.  Mrs J took a scad of pictures trying to get a good one, this is the only one that isn’t blurred by movement.  He was a squirmy little kitty.  And speaking of squirmy little kittehs, here’s one I dug out of the archives.  It’s Bitsy tasting a nose:P1000102 [1600x1200]She was a brand new kitteh for us when this was taken. I made a stab at a double crusted pizza the other day, I made a regular cheese crust pizza, then added a layer of sliced provolone and covered that with another layer of dough, then built the pizza out with sausage, mushrooms, and onions:DSC_6150 [1600x1200]