20130608_101257 [1600x1200]The tomato garden is coming along pretty well so far.  Let me zoom in on that speck of red on the left middle of the photo:20130608_100931 [1600x1200]When we transplanted this one there was already a small green tomato on it, it has ripened to the point that someone has been gnawing on it.  I see some sort of bug in the photo just above the tomato on a leaf, it’s black with orange bands.  No idea what it is.  Thought about picking the tomato but decided to wait a little.  We have several varieties of tomatoes out and I can’t remember all their names, there are a few San Marzanos in one row that survived the replanting and they all seem to be thriving.  We have several Romas, and the usual assortment of better boy beefsteak early girls.20130608_101741 [1600x1200]The patio container jalapenos are starting to produce, nothing yet on the cayennes or the Anaheims.  The little sweet pepper bushes are growing well but I don’t see any tiny little peppers yet.  The cherry tomatoes in containers are full of little green ones, and there is a single tomato that is nearly ripe.20130608_101538 [1600x1200]Ms Bea and Bitsy help Mrs J with some weeding.  This pic makes for a nice transition from garden to pets:IMG_2226 [1600x1200]The pet theme of the day will involve some tongue action:IMG_2189 [1600x1200]Mrs J took the last two photos at the shelter, the others were all taken with the new smartphone, a Galaxy S4.  I’m liking it so far.

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