20130615_090133 [1600x1200] (2)The day lilies are peaking.  These have been dug up and moved around so many times their roots are nearly worn out.  Tenacious.  Around these parts you can often spot old homesteads by the lilies even when there is little else to mark them.8456482502_3439554d42_k [1600x1200]I’m going to throw this Mars rover self portrait in just because of the WOW! factor.  It’s a composite photograph, a mosaic combining several pictures taken by a camera at the end of an arm.  The pics are combined so as to eliminate those portions that show the actual hardware.DSC_3813 [1600x1200]All the pups vie for Mrs J’s attention.  Katie shoulders her way right on in there.  She has yet to join the others when they break into song, though she has uttered a few squeaks now and again.  If she finds her voice we will have quite the chorus.IMG_2254 (1600x1200) Here’s a cute puppeh from the shelter.  Nice color!DSC_6222 [1600x1200]Heh, thought I’d better post this one up here lest you all wonder why we call this a food blog.  LOL!