Roll Your Own Taco

I was puttering about in the kitchen and found a packet of corn tortillas in the fridge.  I fried them in some oil in a skillet, thinking not much farther ahead than making nacho chips, maybe.  After sprinkling on some cheese I remembered a little brisket and smoked pork that was leftover so I added a dab to each and set them under a broiler, on a baking tray, while I rummaged for some toppings.DSC_6225 [1600x1200]Didn’t find a whole lot.  I chopped a tomato and some onion and a jalapeno and added a daub of ancho sauce and went with that.  They were pretty good despite, or because of, the sparse trimmings.  I’ve always been a pile it all on kind of fellow but there is another school.  My pizzas are always thick with cheeses and toppings but there are those who believe less is more.