DSC_3909 [1600x1200]We have a few tomatillo plants growing in the back garden with the tomatoes.  This is the biggest one so far and rivals the size of some I’ve bought at the grocery.  Looks like there will be plenty of tomatillo salsa canned later on.DSC_3921 [1600x1200]My patio container garden is coming along nicely.  These jalapenos are ready for picking now and I expect them to produce throughout the summer.  Some Anaheims are close, and there are lots of green cayennes.DSC_3902 [1600x1200]Here’s a Tiger Swallowtail visiting the bee balm.  Their caterpillars have stripped my curly parsley down to the bare stems.  They haven’t eaten the flat leaf parsley.DSC_3906 [1600x1200]I love these Hummingbird moths, hate the hornworm caterpillars they develop from.  Haven’t picked any of those from my veggies yet but I’m sure they will be there before too long.DSC_6342 [1600x1200]Here’s a fish sammich with slaw and a side of potato salad for you folks that tuned in for that sort of thing.  LOL!DSC_3903 [1600x1200]Momma Barn Swallow kicked her youngsters out of the nest the other day.  They were mostly content to sit on the floor or on the ladder.  We did our best to keep the cats indoors after we noticed Homer stalking them with the parents swooping and squawking.  Last I looked this morning they were all out.  DSC_6349 [1600x1200]Mmm… candied pepper bacon makes awesome BLTs.  Let’s not let awesome be enough, though…DSC_6346 [1600x1200]

5 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Kitteh is too cute, along with the barn swallows. Green tomatillo salsa may be my favorite in all the land. Hornworms are aliens from another dimension as far as I’m concerned. And I’ve been meaning to mention that a friend of my just made his own bacon – like an entire pig belly’s worth, all different flavors. I’ll try to get the deets from him over the 4th picnic.

    Your food looks yummy, as always.


    • We know a guy who makes his own bacon. He gave us a big batch a while back – we made our first bacon jam from it. He buys whole bellies from the same processor that we go to for freezer stocking expeditions. We are contemplating another run, the basement freezer is emptying and they have good prices on pork shoulders, bacon, beefsteaks, and the odd freezer convenience item. Mmm… breaded chicken tenders.


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