Pork Roast with Veggies

DSC_3942 [1600x1200]And lots of garlic – two heads in the pan with the other odds and ends of veggies, and one head’s worth of cloves inserted into slits cut into the shoulder.  I had some sprouts, a little bit of cauliflower, onions, carrots, celery, and a few dried red chilies.  I added potatoes cut into largish chunks after taking this photo.DSC_3944 [1600x1200]It all cooked, covered, in a 350 oven until the internal temps hit 195.  I took everything out and made gravy with the addition of broth to the drippings, using corn starch as a thickener.  I discarded the celery because it was all yuck.  The sprouts were edible but soggy.  The gravy was excellent.DSC_6351 [1600x1200]