Elote – Mexican Corn on the Cob

DSC_6368 [1600x1200]I finally got around to trying these.  I think the first I saw of them was on a cooking show sometime in the last month or so.  Since seeing them that time I’ve noticed them a few times more.  Naturally I didn’t seek out the perfect ingredients and the local Kroger store doesn’t stock cotija cheese that is usual in making them so when the whim struck me today there was nowhere reasonably close to look for it.  There is a fair chance the International Grocery we like has some and I’ll make a note to look for some next visit.  We used grated Parmesan on these and they were pretty good.  I won’t link to a recipe because it’s so simple:  Roast the corn, roll in melted butter, smear with mayo, sprinkle with cheese.  All the recipes or descriptions mention adding fresh lime juice somewhere in the prep – either mixing in with the butter or squeezing it straight onto the prepared elote.

2 thoughts on “Elote – Mexican Corn on the Cob

    • Thanks! We were going to have grilled something, come what may. The corn was a happy accident. Next time we will have the proper cheese, not that the Parm was a bad choice.


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