DSC_6560 [1600x1060]We have an excellent crop of cayenne peppers, this is the third picking from the bush we have in a container out front.  The habaneros are coming along.  I waited a good while to see if they were going to turn red but a few fell off the plant on their own while still orange so I went ahead and pulled all of those with color.  I’ll dry all of these – the cayennes are good for the basic red pepper flakes and the habs should work the same way, only more so.DSC_6565 [1600x1060]This is, for sure this time, the last of the smoked brisket.  Those orange slices are not the habaneros, they are from the mini sweet peppers.  Not sure I’m ready to nosh on the fresh habs quite yet.  Mrs J came back from the garden with several pounds of tomatillos that we are turning into salsa this afternoon.  More on that later.

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