Pepper Relish

DSC_6594 [1600x1060]My container grown peppers are doing well and I was casting about for a way to use them before it was too late when I ran across this recipe for canning pepper relish.  I used the mix of peppers that I had, there are both red and green jalapenos, green and not quite red Anaheims, and several sweet mini peppers in red and orange and yellow.  I tossed in a couple of orange habaneros to liven the relish with a bit more heat.DSC_6595 [1600x1060]I ended with six pints which was a little behind the quantity mentioned in the recipe but I wasn’t counting the peppers and my have used fewer than it called for.  I made the vinegar/sugar mixture per the directions and had plenty leftover that I just dumped.  I’ll give the peppers a chance to age a little before I crack the first jar.  I’m thinking a little hot dog pr0n will be in order.

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