Mmm… pork and beans

DSC_6638 [1600x1060]I always assumed dry beans needed overnight soaking but these pinto beans worked just fine without.  I covered the bottom of a sauce pot with the beans and covered them with broth, seasoned them with chili powder and ground cumin, brought the pot to a boil and then simmered it, covered, for a couple hours with a chopped onion.  I uncovered the pot and cooked them for a while longer because they were a tad thin, hard to overcook them unless they dry out and scorch.  These were flavored with the pork I roasted the other day, a handful of chopped meat including some of the highly seasoned outer layer, along with some of the skimmed pot drippings.  Those larger pieces went atop the beans when they were plated.  That’s a whole clove of garlic that roasted with the shoulder on the bottom of the photo.  Yum!