IMG_2663 [1600x1060]Mrs J brought this picture back from the shelter yesterday.  Kitteh seems to be enjoying herself.  I’m just guessing at the “her” part of that, Mrs J may have mentioned the gender but I don’t remember.  Kitteh is a friendly one, I do recall that.  IMG_2661 [1600x1060]This little puppeh is enjoying a lap after a bath and a good toweling off.  Looks like one of those baby seals.DSC_4104 [1600x1060]A bowl of fresh picked habaneros.  I’m too chicken to slice these up into my slaw.  They are all in the dehydrator, I’ll grind them into flakes when they are done.DSC_4102 [1600x1060]Found a couple of these hornworms on the mini sweet pepper bush.  I like the hummingbird moths these things turn into so I didn’t mush him, just took him across the yard.  If he can find his way back he’ll be a while getting here.  Found a few on the cherry tomatoes.  Those plants aren’t as robust as they were earlier and the production is way down.  We’ll be hauling them off sooner rather than later.DSC_4098 [1600x1060]We have a few sunflowers growing, mostly planted on purpose, a few volunteers.  Mrs J called my attention to this one.  It’s difficult to get the colors to match what it is I see with the naked eye, this one seems brighter in the photo.  It’s much darker “in person”.