Crockpot Italian Pork

DSC_6679 [1600x1060]After enjoying the Italian beef from that top sirloin roast the other day I decided to do a pork shoulder in the same manner.  This time I used a big slow cooker to do the cooking but the seasonings were much the same.  I rubbed the shoulder with salt and dried Italian herbs, poked garlic cloves into slits cut into the meat, and tossed some fresh oregano and rosemary into the bottom.  No additional liquid was used and I poured off the liquid the pork shed while cooking hoping to get what browning I could.  I skimmed the fat from the drippings and reduced the remainder for gravy.DSC_6683 [1600x1060]A nice chunk of the pork featured in a dinner that included steamed veggies, garlic mashed potatoes, and buttered hot rolls.  There was a lot of meat left for a sammich for lunch today:DSC_6686 [1600x1060]That big jar of giardiniera has a nice dent in it but there is plenty more yet.