Food Pr0n – Gyros and Tzatziki

DSC_6840 [1600x1060]We found some ground lamb the other day in the huge market in the neighboring town.  We get over there once a week but don’t stop in for the groceries too often.  When we do stop in, I try to make a quick survey of the goodies they stock.  Usually a better selection of cheeses there, and I’ve grown fond of their antipasto bar.DSC_6847 [1600x1060]

I usually go with Alton Brown’s recipe for the gyro meat but looked for something different this time, not that this recipe is all that much a a change.  It worked well.  I didn’t use any ground beef with the lamb for mine, and added some ground coriander as per a suggestion in the comments to the recipe.  The tzatziki sauce was the usual, cucumbers, garlic,yogurt, chopped fresh mint, a splash of red wine vinegar, a bit of olive oil, salt, and the juice of half a lemon.  Be sure to drain the yogurt, and squeeze the water from the cukes.  Greek yogurt is better than regular but it still has plenty of extra water.  The tzatziki wants a little time to come together but you can eat it freshly made without a significant taste penalty