Tomato Soup

DSC_6928 [1600x1060]Mrs J hauled in more tomatoes to process this morning.  I cranked up the juicer and started things simmering.  One of the pots started looking very much like tomato soup so I went with that, checking for herbs and spices that would work.  I saw that ground coriander, ground cumin, a little ground allspice and ground cloves were oft mentioned.  I had a fair amount to season, a gallon or so.  Most recipes liked onions in the soup so I started two diced yellow onions in olive oil and when they were turning translucent added the spices, stirring for 30 seconds to get the aroma working and then in went the gallon of tomato juice that had been reducing for a while and was getting fairly thick.  Hard for me not to add oregano and basil so in went a good sprinkle of those, along with salt and black pepper and a few red pepper flakes.  As soon as the onions were well cooked I buzzed the pot with a stick blender after adding chicken paste – the kind that comes in a jar.  I didn’t want to thin the soup with broth.  It all seemed to work well.

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