Red Ripe Jalapeno Jelly

DSC_4234 (1600x1060)I debated what to do with the jalapenos growing in the container garden out front on the patio.  I have tons of these pickled or frozen and the jelly option finally won me over.  Most of the recipes feature green jalapenos but I think the red ones are better looking.  I needed to use them before they softened.  I caught these at the firm and juicy stage.DSC_4235 (1600x1060)I followed this recipe closely, using cane sugar and the “no sugar” pectin hoping to get a nice firm jelly.  Too soon yet to say how it will look tomorrow.  DSC_6950 (1600x1060)The little bit I had leftover is still a bit runny, albeit still warm.  It can take overnight before jellies set properly so I have hopes that these will firm up.  It has a great flavor but more of a bite than Mrs J will abide so I will eat some of these myself and give a few away.DSC_4237 (1600x1060)I ended up with six half pint jars rather than the five the recipe mentions as the expected yield.  That may impact the pectin ratio enough to deny me my hoped for jell-o jiggle.

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