Perfect Apple Crisp Revisited

Apple Crisp1

Sorry I went AWOL for longer than I anticipated. I’ll try to get back to a regular schedule next week. I was swamped with work the moment I stepped off the plane. But it was a great vacation, beautiful weather and good friends, so I’m not complaining.

On my last day there, we went apple picking at a great little farm in Stow, MA. The apples were perfect, as was the day and the company. There was a nice variety of apples. For a while I’ve wanted to try an heirloom Delicious and I was not disappointed, it was sweet/tart and crisp, nothing like the modern ones you find in most places. We came back with 20 lbs of apples –  a nice mix of Macintosh, Cortland and Delicious, and a promise that I would make apple crisp before I left.

I was kind of tired after carrying the big bag all over the fields and not paying attention when I started the apple crisp, guess I was on auto-pilot and began making it the traditional way, completely forgetting how good it is when it is cooked in a cast iron skillet, as in the Perfect Apple Crisp recipe (here). Since there was no cast iron in the house and I’d already put apples, butter and sugar in the baking dish, I decided to try something. I put the apple mixture into a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes and then added the crisp topping and continued to bake for another 10-15 minutes until it was golden brown. This method worked as well as the cast iron method and I think is an option if you do not have a cast iron or oven proof skillet.

It was great; the apples were tender, juicy and sweet and the topping perfectly crisped. That took care of about a pound of apples. I wonder what they’re doing with the other nineteen.  😉

Boston AM

ETA: I didn’t take my camera with me, so the photos are from my Samsung Galaxy phone. I think it does a pretty good job.


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  1. Note to self: may need to make this for my father tomorrow.

    Also: apple selection in the stores is exploding up these parts.


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