A Walk Around the Flood Damage: UPDATED

Golden Ponds, Longmont, CO

Golden Ponds, Longmont, CO

ETA: I changed out the top photo because I was looking through last year’s photos from my rides and found this one. I went back to see when I posted it here and it was a post titled: This Ride Brought to You By the Letter Wheee!  Photos of a happier fall…

Back to our regularly scheduled post:

I’m under no illusions, these greenway parks were built as flood plains and they flood regularly during spring runoff. so these paths and parks did what they were suppose to do. It’s still a bit sad to see the damage, but it is nothing compared to the mountain towns west of here and the farm communities east of here, who are still struggling to recover. Keep them in your thoughts.

Here’s a few pictures of the damage. Click on anyone to start the slideshow:

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