IMG_3347 (1600x1200)No human was harmed in the production of this photograph.  You may think that the nice lady was swarmed by cats determined to wrest from her the can opener she has for the canned kitteh chow.  They are aware, however, that thumbs are required and are therefore careful not to use excessive force in their attempts to “persuade” her.DSC_4349 (1600x1060)Mrs J was heading out to the shelter for her volunteer duty and carried up some finished pet beds and mats she sews and donates to local shelters.  They were so colorful I just had to arrange them for a picture.  They love her at the local fabric store!  Much of the material she uses is donated and she recycles the stuffing from other items.20131104_080419_LLS (1600x1060)Ginger, the new boy, is fitting in rather well.  I hope Homer eases off his less than welcoming behavior.  I keep a squirt bottle handy.DSC_7235 (1600x1060)I made a batch of steak for cheesesteak sammiches yesterday.  I think the classic recipe calls for a rib loin to be cooked then sliced thin and topped with cheese and onions or peppers but I always slice the meat thin while it’s still semi frozen and then cook it with onions.  I’ve been using flat iron steaks for this and they work great.  The sammy above was topped with a white cheddar sauce and the hot Chicago giardiniera I love so much.DSC_7242 (1600x1060)An alternate method is to layer sliced cheese atop a loaded bun and then put it under the broiler to melt the cheese.  That’s how I did these – they are topped with provolone and are fresh from the toaster oven.DSC_7247 (1600x1060)Here is one of those all dressed and ready to go.  I’ve been keeping a dish of olives of various kinds marinating in a garlicy Italian dressing.  I love olives.