Lo Mein

DSC_7248 (1600x1060)I had a yen for lo mein after seeing some pictured at another site.  That one was beef and broccoli and we were going to do the same but got side tracked.  Chicken works for me.  I thawed shrimp but decided to go with those another time.  I’ve found good Asian recipes at Rasa Malaysia and used their recipe for this one.  A few minor tweaks, maybe.DSC_7259 (1600x1060)We paid a visit to the International Grocery this morning and brought back some noodles and sauces.  These noodles say they are Cantonese style and I will take their word for it.  I thought they were egg noodles from their color but they are wheat based.  I cooked up three of the bundles for this but that was at least one too many.  Leftovers!DSC_7256 (1600x1060)I bought the tamari and some more sesame oil along with the noodles.  I had the sweet soy sauce already and was thinking tamari was about the same thing but it’s not, exactly.  Tamari is about halfway between regular light soy sauce and the syrupy sweet soy sauce.  Tamari is thicker and darker than light soy, not as salty, the sweet soy sauce is pretty thick, like molasses. In a day or two I will try the same basic recipe with shrimp and another style of Chinese wheat noodle.