Sammich Pr0n – Braised Pork

We thawed that pork shoulder overnight and browned it on all sides in a big pot this morning after poking it full of garlic cloves.  I bet I stuck a dozen and a half of them in there.  Can’t have too much garlic.  I added a quart or so of chicken stock and a couple of onions, some oregano, pepper and salt and put it, covered, into a 350 oven for three hours or so.DSC_4357 (1600x1060)The meat was falling apart tender.  I cooled it and pulled the meat apart for the sammiches.  Reheat the pork in a pan with oil to brown and crisp it some.  Mrs J has hers with Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce, I top mine with hot giardiniera that I’ve fortified with some baby kalamatas.DSC_7280 (1600x1060)