Burritos and Enchiladas, with Kitteh

DSC_7302 (1600x1060)The enchiladas first.  Pork and Monterey jack with a smear of refried beans inside white corn tortillas.  I stirred more cheese into the beans for a side and that worked pretty well, they would make a good dip all by themselves.  The sauce came out of a jar, nothing special, the house enchilada sauce from Kroger’s.DSC_7298 (1600x1060)These were from earlier in the day.  Basic grilled burritos with the same pork shoulder I braised yesterday.  These had cheddar in them.  We were all stir fried out so we went Tex-Mex today.DSC_7291 (1600x1060)Post needs moar kitteh!  Ginger is a tough product tester and not any old cushion will do.  Here he tries on a recent project of Mrs J’s.20131109_105120 (1600x1060)You can’t expect a kitteh to work all day, now.  There are kitteh union rules and Toby is the shop steward.