Veggie Beef Soup

DSC_7466Might be related to the recent snow, but my internet connection has dropped to dial-up speeds.  I have a backup LTE system from Verizon that just quit on me this morning and the DSL is woeful.  At least I’m still connected, if I lost it all I would have terrible withdrawal pains.  I drove the tractor with the blade up and down the drive last evening but the winds drifted it back over.  Nowhere I need to be today so that’s not a big problem.  I do still have the 4WD pickup ready to go, street tires on it but it stands pretty tall.  I worry Mrs J’s Escape sits too low to clear any drifts.

The soup is what I call a pantry soup – I start opening cans while the beef browns and pretty soon there is a pot full of soup.  I chopped onions and carrots and a potato and opened cans of corn and green beans, and tossed in a quarter cup or so of barley.DSC_4394 (1600x1060)I count myself as lucky.