DSC_4389 (1600x1200)I was sure we got a good foot of snow but the yardstick tells me otherwise.  Still, 10″ is nothing to sniff at for this area.  We’ve managed to get both vehicles out to the main road so we aren’t snowbound.  Not that there is anywhere we need to go.  It’ll be a while before we can manage the little wagon between the garage and the kitchen to haul in groceries.IMG_3488 (1600x1060)Here’s a cute little 2 month old chow mix female.  Mrs J says there are six in the litter.  Two of them have a different father so far as the puppies look, some wiener dog in there per the staff best guess.DSC_7480 (1600x1060)Tried my hand at a pair of baguettes.  I’m getting there.  These have a nice crunchy crust.IMG_3538 (1600x1060)We don’t know much about this kitteh, other than it has nice stripes.  Mrs J says he is very friendly and playful, gets along well with the other cats.DSC_7479 (1600x1060)Mmm… chili cheese mac ‘n cheese.  The mac is made with goat cheese and muenster.  I was really needing to use up the goat cheese and was worried that it might not work, but it was alright.  The chili is half ground beef and half chorizo with a can of beans and all the usual chili seasonings.  It’s topped with cheddar and jack cheeses.IMG_3502 (1600x1060)Here are the two pups from that litter that are short legged wiener dog mixes.  Not the best photo to see the legs but this is what Mrs J brought back.  She’ll try to get better pics next week.

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