IMG_3561 (1600x1060)Here’s that puppy out of the Chow momma that looks like the daddy was a wiener dog.  Mrs J says he has been adopted already.  Cute little fellow!IMG_3573 (1600x1060)This one is a Husky mix.  Mrs J says there were several of them.  The woman who brought the litter in said that she heard that a dog chained outside wouldn’t get pregnant.  She’s wrong, though it doesn’t really seem sporting, now does it?  LOLDSC_7483 (1600x1060)I’ve mentioned these cameras before but I don’t remember if I’ve ever said much about them.  This is a new one we just bought to replace one that has its screen going bad. I left the battery cover askew to show the batteries, and there is a photo up on the little LCD screen, just to show you that feature.  All the settings are done by scrolling through menus on the screen.  Pictures are saved to a memory card and that’s the thing that we bring in to look at the pictures it has captured.DSC_7486 (1600x1060)The camera itself is housed in a waterproof case that straps to a handy post or tree.PICT5716 (1600x1060)Bonus!  Here’s a shot it took of some old fart.  The battery on the motherboard that runs the camera was dead and it wasn’t keeping the right time and date,  I’ve changed that out so it’s good now.IMG_3594 (1600x1060)More puppies!  Mrs J says this is one of a big litter that came in the other day.  [Edit to add:]  These are Border Collie/Labrador mixes.IMG_3556 (1600x1060)This one is a poodle/pug cross.  I Googled that and they are called pugapoos by some folks.  Not by me.DSC_7481 (1600x1060)Ramen!  This one has smoked pork and broccoli and mushrooms and carrots and tons of chili garlic paste. Spicy!

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