We seem to be marking time as Big Holiday approaches.  I haven’t been cooking anything new or exciting.  The big snow is melting away in the warm temps that have arrived just ahead of another storm system that promises to dump more precip than we are ready for.  The frontal boundary will probably be far enough to the north that we get rain rather than a mix or just snow.PICT1433 [1600x1200]I’ve put this up before.  It looks like heavy frost but it’s just how the wildlife cameras make the green leaves and grass look when it’s changing modes from day to night and has the infrared filter deployed while there is still a good bit of light.  This was snapped in May this year.IMG_3518 (1600x1200)Here’s a kitteh for you.  It has an interesting coat coloration, with a fine looking mane.IMG_3471 (1600x1200)Another pretty kitteh.  I’m sure I’ve had this one in an earlier post but he’s worth another.  Nice stripes over white boots.DSC_7504 (1600x1060)A little breakfast pr0n – sausage and gravy over biscuits with a couple of sunny side up eggs.  Let me wrap this up with some hugs and kisses!IMG_1162 (1600x1200) IMG_3580 (1600x1200)