Mmm… meatballs

DSC_7590 (1600x1060)I had a sudden urge to make some meatballs after looking at a meatball sub the other day.  I have usually pan browned mine but I went with the oven for them this time after viewing one of the TV cooking shows.DSC_4477 (1600x1060)I mixed a batch with mostly ground beef but there is about 20% pork sausage in there.  No recipe but there is chopped spinach, grated Parmesan, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes, various dried herbs, a splash of milk, a couple of eggs, and a fistfull of bread brumbs.  These are roughly golf ball sized.DSC_4478 (1600x1060)I gave them about 40 minutes at 400 while some canned San Marzano tomatoes simmered with a little basil and garlic.  Mrs J made salads for us while the spaghetti boiled.  I’ve been buying a lot of olives lately.  I keep them in a marinade of store bought Italian dressing with lemon wedges and crushed cloves of garlic.  I wish we had a better source of olives than the Kroger store near us.  I’ve bought them online before but the quality varies a lot, and the shipping can double the price.DSC_7587 (1600x1060)Plenty of meatballs leftover!  I think that meatball sub that got me going on these is coming up pretty soon.

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