Critter Updates

DSC_4484 (1600x1060)Katie has finally come off the leash for an entire walk.  She has been allowed to run a bit with a longish rope attached to her collar and her good behavior persuaded Mrs J to allow it.  DSC_4485 (1600x1060) She sticks pretty close but she does get out of sight with Jack or Annie for short jaunts but, so far anyway, has come running back when called.DSC_4487 (1600x1060)Little Ginger kitteh has sampled the great outdoors for the first time.  He’s cautious but we expect he will be crying to be let out soon enough.20140113_121655 (1600x1060)Mrs J kept a close eye on him, and tied a string to him to make him easier to catch if he had other thoughts.20140113_121548 (1600x1060)He was ready to come back in.  Outside is big.

One thought on “Critter Updates

  1. Toby really looks large and in charge. I think I’m going to try the harness and rope for Z-man. He’s discovered the patio. Yay for Katie. I wasn’t sure she’d ever be free range. You guys work miracles!


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