Turkey Noodles with Fresh Bread

DSC_7627 (1600x1060)I almost went with just the turkey and wide noodles but decided the baby carrots would go in, too.  There are a few ribs of celery in there as well.  We are loving these wide noodles, bought at a nearby Amish owned and run store.DSC_7626 (1600x1060)The bread started out in our bread machine but I decided to go with two loaves in a sort of French looking style.  I let the machine do the kneading and one rise, then removed the dough, cut it in half and rolled and shaped the two pieces.  I let them rise again, covered with plastic, on this perforated bread pan.  The shine on the crust is from butter I brushed onto the warm loaf.  Butter makes everything better.

3 thoughts on “Turkey Noodles with Fresh Bread

  1. Do you bake them on that pan, too? If so, does it get that chewy bottom crust you get when you bake it on corn meal? Or is a more even crust all around? I toying with buying.

    ETA: I just read the reviews, I don’t think I’ve seen a product at Amazon with that high a rating before. LOL>


    • The recipes make a difference, but I’ve had good luck with it. The spray bottle trick works well, you could do the ice cube thing and have it work out, I suppose. I have the three compartment tray as well – for smaller diameter loaves. This time I used the recipe that came with the machine for a quick white bread:
      1-1/3 cups water (320mL)
      4-1/4 cups bread flour (544g)
      4 Tbsp. sugar (46g)
      2 Tbsp. dry milk (8g)
      2 tsp. salt (11.2g)
      2-1/2 Tbsp. butter (35g)
      2-1/2 tsp. rapid rise yeast (7.5g)
      I may try the baguette recipe next time: http://www.zojirushi.com/recipes/baguette


      • One time, I was doing the ice cube thing and an ice cube slipped off the pan and onto the glass door. You can imagine what happened next. Very expensive mistake.


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