Spaghetti Carbonara

DSC_7789 (1600x1060)We saw this dish somewhere last week and decided to try our luck with it.  We spent a half hour watching Youtube how-to videos to get a handle on the method and a few comments led me to decide to go with the real deal pancetta and pecorino cheese.  I mail ordered a roll of pancetta, a slab of the hard cheese, and a few other items to make the free shipping cut off.  That all made it in this morning via FedEx so we were good to go.  At least after a quick market run after fresh parsley.

Youtube has so many good chefs making this that you would be best advised to go there and see rather than listen to me.  LOL

Next time making this I’ll cook the pasta a little more, and use whole eggs rather than just the yolks like I did today.  I weighed out 12 ounces of spaghetti and thought that three egg yolks would be about right.  I saw some of the chefs mix the grated cheese in with the beaten eggs, I didn’t do that but I will next time.  Don’t forget to reserve plenty of the pasta water to add while you are stirring the beaten eggs in.