A Little Beach Time

Zuma 2 14

Mulholland Dr and Pacific Coast Highway are two of the prettiest drives in the LA area.  I haven’t been up the PCH in a while, so I drove up from Santa Monica to Ventura County. Took a side trip to Zuma beach, one of my favorite beaches because you can almost always see surfers there.

2014-02-20 14.17.36-4

By the time I was to my destination, I was feeling blissful and glad for the time away. Seeing friends and family is the icing on the beach time cake. Had dinner last night at a nice local restaurant with excellent prime rib, fresh, fresh, fresh vegetables and good company. The onion rings weren’t bad either.

Ventura county is just an hour outside LA, but it is so different. This is where much of the produce that ends up on your dinner table is grown. Green fields, greenhouses and farm workers dot the landscape. The mountains loom large to the EAST (so hard for me to remember – ocean west, mountains east!) and the air is fresh with an ocean breeze. I’ll try and shoot some of the landscape before I head back to LA.

How about a few beach dragons (that’s what I thought they looked like as I shot them) and a bonus beach shot from today at Oxnard beach. Click on any photo to start slide show:

I guess I’m doing the beach tour this week. LOL. Though the weekend will hold get togethers with friends and family. Until then…

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