Have Frying Pan, Will Travel


I had a great time visiting friends and family in the Los Angeles area. Pictured above, good friend Jackie and new friend Thomas.

I had some awesome beach time at Zuma, Oxnard and Santa Monica beaches. I always feel better and more centered when I can spend time near the ocean. And luckily there are plenty of opportunities. (Click any photo to start slideshow)

There was a great afternoon tea with old friends and catching up with lots of family. I have the best cousins (and my Aunt and Uncle are pretty special, too).

I started my trip in Camarillo, which is a beautiful, quieter oasis north of LA.  We went out to eat some pretty amazing food – prime rib, fresh fish, fresh veggies. Then I headed down to LA for the weekend. My first night there was cooking and cooking lessons. But first we had to buy a frying pan.

Then it was a trip to Trader Joe’s for supplies for the menu of  Chicken Piccata, Butter Potato Pie and Chocolate Walnut Flourless Cookies. After that we were ready to start the cooking lesson. Chicken Piccata is definitely a good choice if you want to make something simple that looks elegant and tastes amazing. It’s usually served over buttered egg noodles, but this night I let them loose on the blog to pick what they wanted me to cook. It all went together very well. (Click any photo to start slideshow)


The after dinner view was pretty amazing, too.

Eat 4_1

The next night we went out to eat again. An amazing place, Mercado La Paloma  near USC and South Central LA. A place where restaurants can rent a small space in the food court to try out 5-star menus. Flavors abound. The atmosphere is casual and fun. Check out the link here.

We also saw Monuments Men, which despite lackluster reviews I recommend heartily. Good movie, excellent cast and an amazing piece of history. The book is now in my Kindle queue.

Then I wrapped up the trip in Santa Monica, probably my very favorite place in the Los Angeles area. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a great deal of time there and it’s always special.  I think that wraps up my travel diary for this trip. Except..

There was a cow

…did I mention there was a cow? And one final picture:


Grateful for good people in my life…..


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