Crio Bru: An Alternative to Coffee or Tea

Crio Bru

I’m not sure when I saw someone mention Crio Bru as an alternative to coffee, it may have been a recipe post at Balloon-Juice, but I thought it sounded interesting, so I went in search of some to try. It wasn’t easy to find.

I looked around locally at all the natural food groceries and one of my clients is actually a coffee shop, so I asked there, no one had heard of it, much less stocked it. Finally, I turned to Amazon and ordered it and a stainless steel, double-walled french press.  All the reviews recommended using a french press, though you can also brew it. I tried both methods and definitely had more flavor with the french press version.

Crio Bru is roasted and ground cocoa beans that you brew like coffee. It has very little caffeine, a rich, dark chocolate flavor and 10 calories. I tried it black, with cream and with a touch of sugar. Black was by far my favorite, with a rich creamy texture and dark chocolate flavor. The cream seemed to dilute it too much and the sugar seemed unnecessary.  It makes for a nice evening warm beverage when I don’t want to drink caffeine before bed.

To make it, you use 2 tbsp of the chocolate per 6 oz of water  (I use two heaping tbsps and 8 oz).  Place the chocolate in the french press, add very hot water (I usually boil it and then it cools to about the right temperature as I measure it), stir well (I use a chopstick), cover and let steep for 4 minutes. Then press the plunger down SLOWLY and serve.

If you want to brew it, you need to have a coffee maker that has a bold setting, otherwise it’s very weak.

I highly recommend it for chocolate lovers who want an alternative to hot chocolate or coffee.  Yum.



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  1. Hmmm, I want to try this! Sounds good and I could always use an alternative to coffee. What french press do you use? If you’re on the go, I definitely recommend Planetary Design products! You can check out their french presses here:


  2. Thank you! Those are adorable.


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