Happy Easter!


Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. For whatever reason, writing has been very difficult and cooking even more so. Maybe the beautiful weather has been drawing my attention away from the computer and kitchen.

I do have chicken and potatoes roasting in the slow-cooker while I go out and enjoy the weather. I’m also refinishing an old porch glider, which I’ll post photos as the project progresses. My neighbors are landscaping their backyard and decided they no longer wanted it. I’m a sucker for rehabbing good furniture that needs a good home. This is in excellent shape, just needs the old paint scraped off, resealed and then I’m going to paint it a country white and add a green cushion.

Glider mid-rehab

Here it is, mid-rehab. I’ve scraped most of the peeling paint off and I’ll do some serious sanding this week

Besides all that, I’ve been busy with new clients, which always take a while to get settled into a routine and I’m on chapter 13 of the novel and completely stuck. The remaining chapters are outlined and the epilogue written, but there it sits, middle of 13 and refusing to budge. I blame the weather for that, too.  So if my posts are sparse for the next week or so, you’ll understand. I’ll for sure get to the dinner menu and recipe exchange, promise.  Until then, I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday….