DSC_4597 (1600x1060)It turned off cool and rainy as a cold front passed through.  It had been hot enough for the AC.  Mrs J has been potting up a slew of flowers, and I have been struggling to keep up a similar pace with my herb garden.DSC_4598 (1600x1060)My pair of cherry tomato plants.  These are Sweet Millions, a new variety for me.  We have some tiny green tomatoes coming along and it shouldn’t be long before I’m enjoying them sauteed in oil and garlic over spaghetti.  Yum!DSC_4599 (1600x1060)My usual lineup of peppers.  I have more of those little sweet peppers, habaneros, jalapenos, cayenne, serranos and Anaheims.DSC_8323 (1600x1060)I corned a big brisket and made it into pastrami.  It gave the new meat slicer a good workout.  We’ve had a few reuben sammiches from it.  I bought one of those vacuum sealing kits and used it to package and freeze most of this.  I’m beginning to use the sealing thing more and more as I get used to it.  I sealed three slices of that last pizza, freezing the slices first so the pieces would not come out of the bag as a big mess.DSC_8295 (1600x1060)We’ve made a few batches of creme fraiche and are learning more about it.  I have been using plain yogurt as the additive to the cream and letting it work longer before it goes into the fridge so that it thickens better.  It’s good on all kinds of stuff, I used it as part of a creamy dressing for a slaw the other day to good effect.DSC_8333 (1600x1060)We had cheesesteak the other day.  I used a marinade on the thin sliced flat iron steak as a change from the usual recipe where I just salt and pepper the beef and fry it in oil with the onions.  The marinade was Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and oil.  I grilled the onions separately this time.  Saute the meat until the marinade dries and the slices start to get crispy edges, then layer on Swiss slices and cover the pan to let the cheese melt.  Use a big spatula to transfer the filling to a split hoagie roll and top with the onions.  DSC_8325 (1600x1060)Gyros!  Well, I did have a tub of yogurt opened already from making the creme fraiche.  We used naan loves this time instead of the regular sized pitas.DSC_8338 (1600x1060)Starting to get into summertime mode where fish fries are standard.  We have a menu for these things that varies little:  The fish, slaw, baked beans, and hushpuppies.IMG_4922 (1600x1060)Not a hushpuppy!  LOL!  This is a Great Pyrenees pup.  He’ll be a big boy one day, soon.

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  1. Wow, your gardens are looking so beautiful. 8 inches of snow and freezing temps here. Gardens are delayed. It must be big dog day here on W4DS. I have a secret, too. 😉


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