P1000241 (1600x1060)We had a nice day for a picnic.  Here’s the grill master enjoying a brew.P1000243 (1600x1060)A few of the ginormous chicken breasts.  Lily, the grill dog, is taking a short break.  Don’t reach for a chicken unless you know her.  Also on the menu were pork steaks, and roasted corn:P1000238 (1600x1060)I didn’t get there in time to get a picture of the corn piled atop the grill.

P1000248 (1600x1060)In the spirit of good old American Innovation, here is a sauerkraut dip.  It has cheddar cheese, mayo, hard boiled eggs, and green onions.  Maybe cream cheese – alas, I didn’t take notes.  It drew favorable comments along the lines of “you can’t even taste the sauerkraut”.P1000254 (1600x1060)The serving table was laden with all the usual side dishes.  Note the can of insect repellant.  Mosquitoes were not a problem but ticks are a concern.P1000258 (1600x1060)There was the usual collection of desserts but Mrs J will be miffed if I don’t feature her pudding pie.P1000259 (1600x1060)Faithful Grill Dog.  She accepts tips!

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