Wing Pr0n – Honey Soy Glaze

DSC_8521 (1600x1060)These were pretty good.  The wings were cut apart and soaked for an hour in a marinade of soy and honey with garlic ginger paste, some chili sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and a splash of rice vinegar.  Line a baking tray with foil and arrange the wings on the foil or on a rack over it.  I gave these 30 minutes at 350, then brushed them with some of the marinade that I had reducing in a sauce pan.  Turn them once and make sure the sauce caramelizes.  These were in for at least 45 minutes before they came out.  Serve the reduced marinade as a sauce.

The potstickers are from frozen and were good enough that I don’t feel a need to try to make my own.