We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Car.

Bixby5wks This is my new puppy. He’s 5 weeks old . I’ll pick him up in a few weeks. When he gets here, there’s gonna be a lot of photos and video I’m sure. And then I’ll tell you the story of how he came to be. Bixby 2

10 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Car.

  1. Yay! That 2d photo leaves the impression the trainer is attempting to give him something that he is completely out of (rhymes with hockey puck). LOL!


    • LOL. “Let go of my ears lady.” She likes to show off their head structure that way and what they would look like cropped (NOT!). I don’t know if I emailed you any of the earlier photos (poor friends, he’s all I can talk about this summer) but one of the reasons I chose him was because in the first round of photos he was playing with his sister in each one, grabbing her collar, licking her head. Being a pill. I knew he was for me.


    • I’m going to try so hard not to make this an all puppy, all the time blog. But he’s my very first puppy, ever, so…no promises. LOL.


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  4. He is a spectacular specimen. He is perfect. Beautiful eyes, very well formed face, head and body. The breeder is to ge congratulated on a job well done.


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