Five Pepper Jelly

My jalapeno jelly was good enough last year to warrant another go at it so I looked around for recipes and found this one.  I have several pepper varieties so I adapted the recipe for the ones I wanted to use.DSC_8794 (1600x1060)The recipe called for a total of three cups of chopped peppers so I stuck with that.  My recipe used one green bell, three red Anaheims, five or six ripe jalapenos, six or seven red serranos, and two habs.  The habs I didn’t run through the blender, I just boiled them with the rest and then pulled them out before jarring.  Yeah, I chickened out.  I had more peppers chopped than the recipe wanted and I ended with seven half pints to process.DSC_8808 (1600x1060)Every jar sealed, I did find one jar with a chip in the rim when I ran the damp paper towel around it just prior to putting the lids on so I hurried to swap jars out, I usually sterilize more jars than I think I’ll need just to be on the safe side.  I had a small taste of the hot jelly left over and there is a nice tang to it.  I think I could have used those two habaneros without it turning out too hot.DSC_8805 (1600x1060)I left a few chunks of pepper for the texture rather than smoothing it all out in the blender.  I think it’s jelling pretty well.  This is the first time I’ve used liquid pectin.  I’ll open a jar soon to try it.  I’m optimistic!

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