Bixby is Here

My friend took these while I was busy loving on him. I’ll have more from our first park outing later. Bixby 2

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. He’s smart, assertive and unafraid of anything. Oh, except the stairs outside, but it seems to be a coordination issue. I’m betting he’ll have it by week’s end. Also, he found his bark at 6:15 this morning and has been practicing ever since. I am fairly certain the cats will now kill him in his sleep.

Bixby 1

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  2. Puppeh! He’s a handsome guy, isn’t he? My rescue border collie’s name was Bixby when I got her. When I was telling my mom about the new dog, she told me “That’s too hard to say, I’m going to call her Biscuit.” I immediately thought “That’s a great name for a dog!” and she’s been Biscuit ever since.

    Keep posting about his adventures, I’m looking forward to reading them.


  3. Best technique for puppies, whether to stop barking, chewing or anything else: positive redirection. Grab treat and begin a sit/down or a sit/wait lesson. My spaniel is now four. Those sit/wait lessons had a short-term benefit and, best of all, long-term – it is now reflexive for her when I say “sit” or “wait,” getting her attention and focus on me and a possible “nice thing.” Hot dog is your friend, kid. Congratulations. He’s beautiful.


    • Thank you! I have been amazed at how easily he redirects. Biting? Remove my arm, hand him his favorite stuffy or his chew toy. Barking at the cats, have him sit and talk softly to him, he focuses on me. I think I’ve said no only 3 or 4 times since he arrived. And I had to break out the water bottle for electric cords, nothing else would make him stop. Squirt, squirt and he’s left them alone. Not a slow learner.

      I just started the sit lessons today with his breakfast. Will continue to reinforce with treats today. Thanks!


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