Bixby Diaries: Week Three

Very Sleepy Puppy

8.29  My person and I start each morning with a nice, brisk walk. This seems to make her much more relaxed. I’m happy to help. While we are out the cats eat breakfast and when we get back, I get my breakfast. I like mornings.


8.30  Had a play date. Chased boys. I love boys. Let them teach me sit, over and over and over. I didn’t let on that I mastered that weeks ago. I wanted them to feel good.


8.31 My person took me out to a place filled with puppy stuff. I rode in a basket (our vet said I could go if I rode in a basket) and my person let me pick out lots of stuffies. There was something called a “sale” so I got three new ones. Also met lots of people. Everyone wanted to pet me and tell my person how cute I was. I like this place, I hope we go there a lot.

9.1  My new Woobie and I took on the odd member of the pack. He sits quietly all day long, until suddenly he starts to growl and prowls all around the floor. And despite the video evidence below, I did not abandon Woobie and run off. I blame the editor.  (TaMara’s note: stick around to the end and judge for yourself).

9.2 I took a pill yesterday and today all I wanted to do was sleep. And sleep. And sleep. (TaMara’s note: he had a bad reaction to his heartworm combo meds. Was not a good day. But he was adorable while sleeping).

Big Dog Sleeping

9.3 Had my weigh in today. 29.6  lbs, 18” at my shoulders and depending on who is measuring me, 26 or 28 inches long from head to butt. Nobody counts my tail. I don’t know why, I count my tail. It’s a handsome tail. Everyone should have one. Until next week – Bixby

Paw pring

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