Bixby Diaries: Week Four

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It was a big week for me.

9.5 My ears grew, and I can’t do a thing with them. Play date with my friend LFern. I really like her and she knows how to play fun games. We then went on a walk; I led the way and showed her all the sights. And apples, everywhere. I love apples. Really. Love. Apples.

9.6 What a day! Had my first puppy play date. And the boys were there, too. I got to practice going downstairs on carpeted stairs. It’s easy, but when I got home, my person wanted me to practice on the deck stairs. They’re kinda scary and open and steep. But she was patient and showed me how easy it was and there were treats on each step! It took a few minutes and a couple of tries, but now I’m the stair master!

Play date

9.7 Crap, it’s morning? I did not want to get out of bed and after I did, I just crawled up on the couch and slept all day. No morning walk for me, I made that clear. (TaMara’s note: he really did make it clear. We walk so the cats have time to eat in peace. He never budged from the couch, so cats ate and he slept.)

9.8 My person worked all day, but by late afternoon I convinced her it was time for a break and we went for a nice walk. Every time we meet people they always say how big I am. I’m not so big, you should see my dad.

I Love Flowers

9.9 Did my weekly weigh-in today. 33.4 lbs. Wow. 20” at my shoulder. When we got home, my new crate came. I even helped put it together. I love it. (TaMara’s note: “helped” is in the eye of the beholder.)

Play Date 2

9.10 I have continued my reluctant mornings. If I snuggle down, my person shuts off that awful ringing sound and I get to sleep tucked under her arm for a bit more. Haven’t had a morning walk all week because I stay on the couch while the cats eat breakfast, no matter how hard it is. Big plus, my person takes me outside for lots of games of tug instead. (TaMara’s note: we’ll get back to morning walks, but he’s been so good, I thought a few days off would be ok. And it has been raining heavily. Tug tires him out pretty good for now and we still do an afternoon walk.)

9.11 Rain, rain go away.  The cat called Emma chased me around the house today. My person almost yelled at me, until she realized it was the cat doing the chasing. Then she laughed and told Emma to stop chasing me. Then I laughed  – quietly, in my head, don’t want to antagonize the furry one. My person says we may have something called snow tomorrow, can’t wait to see that. Oh, boy, time for another game of tug. If you haven’t played, you really should get yourself a game going. Until next week – Bixby

Paw print

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