Homemade Andouille Sausage

DSC_9075 (1600x1060)I used some sausage for the last gumbo that said Andouille on the package but it was a pretty poor excuse for it.  I ordered some from a vendor I’ve dealt with before – Cajun Grocer – along with a few other items I can’t get locally.  It came the other day but it got me wondering if I could make a credible version of it myself.  My go to guy for all things Cajun is this fellow and he didn’t disappoint.  I’m new at the stuffing sausage game and made some mistakes, and my smoking set-up isn’t the best but I managed to turn out the smoked links in the photo above.  These have spent the night in the fridge.  I kept a few back and vacuum packed the rest:DSC_9078 (1600x1060)