Green Peppers!

DSC_9226 (1600x1060)We had a couple of pepper bushes out with the tomatoes this year.  I forget the variety names but there was at least one bell pepper and one or two Giant Marconis.  The marconis are pretty much identical to a basic green bells although they tend to be longer.  It’s threatening to frost tonight so Mrs J brought in everything of any size.  Naturally, I had to find a stuffed pepper recipe.  Not sure who Chef John is but this was a pretty good recipe.  I used a wild/long grain rice box mix instead of plain white rice, and my can of tomato bits included green chilies,DSC_9232 (1600x1060)I wasn’t able to find a sure-fire side for stuffed peppers given that the ingredients cover all the usual food groups.  I decided to go with the cucumber and tomato salad we’ve had going for a week or so.  I use a seasoned rice vinegar with salt and pepper on it, nothing fancy.  This used up a few of the peppers but we had plenty left over:DSC_9227 (1600x1060)I chopped the rest and froze them on baking trays and then transferred them to a great big plastic freezer bag.  It’s nice having a couple of big freezers to handle the garden bounty this way.