A Little Bixby to Finish Out the Weekend

Handsome boy

Been terribly busy, but got a few good shots this week. He’s growing so fast and so handsome. We have a great time together.

Best Buds When Asleep

Despite this peaceful tableaux, these two go after each other like, well, cats and dogs. It is clearly a struggle for Alpha. Bixby lost that battle before he ever arrived, but it may take him a bit longer to realize it. To his credit, his respect for Emma is evident and he’s always playful with her, though, not always remembering his lumbering size. She, on the other hand, means business and has used her claws a couple of times. Mostly, she’s more hiss than bite. But they always sleep together.

Hello Wild Thing

Crazy-assed dog. Makes me laugh every day.


3 thoughts on “A Little Bixby to Finish Out the Weekend

  1. As WereBear would tell you, the butt-to-butt sleeping is a more reliable indicator of the kitty’s true feelings than any incidental hissing that might happen during playtime. 🙂


    • I hope so. They seem to enjoy each other, they’re always together, but I’ve had to separate them a couple of times. A true calico, Emma is the instigator and gets him totally riled up.


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