Busy Day at the Shelter

DSC00931The cat tree is a donation.  The top kitty is Biscuit, she has been out for adoption and then returned for some reason.  The other cat is a male.DSC00926A couple of new kittens, no info on these.DSC00922Top ‘o the world, Ma!  He’s named Pit Bull Kitty, he was attacked by a pit bull to earn that moniker.  He’s a year old.DSC00917This is JR, he may be part Maine Coon, the next picture shows it better:DSC00904The next two puppies are fresh out of a flea bath and they seem to be extra pleased to be free of them.  Mrs J says they were an owner surrender.  The county told him he had too many so he turned them over to the shelter.DSC00891Mrs J says they don’t really know much about the breed mix – both of them are males.DSC00867This one is a girl, her momma was a mini-daschund…DSC00866…and this is her sister.  Oddly, the mother has been adopted already, before her babies. DSC00813This is Simone, a terrier mix.  She does well on a leash and is happy in a lap.  Nice new haircut!

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